Non Verifiable Income? No problem! For Investment Only

HGRN is a leader in non QM lending. What does this actually mean?  This means that we are a leader in alternative financing with multiple loan programs:

  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan (DSCR Loan):  If you own a cash heavy business and you write off a majority of your income (of which you’re entitled to do), we can write a loan based strictly on the amount of your down payment, credit report and income based from the property.  The rents that you receive from your property can pay the mortgage.
  • Bank statement loan: If you have a large amount of monthly deposits, I can take 50% of those deposits and use them as income.
  • No ratio loan: If you have a substantial amount of money in the bank, inheritance, lotto winnings, lawsuit, sale of a business, we can use those funds as the down payment.  In order to qualify, you would need a credit report, an appraisal of subject property and we can write a loan based on these three factors.

These are just three examples of loans that we can offer you.  Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The secret superpower – YOUR MIND

The topic of success can be very subjective in regards to how someone can achieve it.  My truth, is that there isn’t one general blueprint that will guarantee success.  There are numerous paths that can and will lead to success. The one common denominator, your mindset,  the most important catalyst to change. Your conviction or belief can overcome  all obstacles.  The second part (that is sometimes overlooked) is the definitive execution that must follow your positive thinking.  Remember – A goal without a plan, is just a wish.  I have heard this saying for many years –   He(She) happened to be in the right place at the right time.   But I believe, the right place is always the same, the right place is your mind.

There is no substitute for doing the work

HGRN 2019 – “There is no substitute for doing the work”- you can only enhance it with technology

HGRN is a small balance direct commercial lender & Boutique real estate broker, as CEO of HGRN I have been meeting more and more young professionals. They have access to every system the internet has had the time to create. They are so busy getting accreditation’s that they do not have time to prospect. They are so busy setting up their virtual assistants that they do not have time follow up with clients ( although their client list may be counted on one hand) Do not be so busy being busy. Have a clear vision of what you want and move your business forward. There is no better marketing than closing a deal for a direct client, or a referral partner that may have had a deal stuck somewhere else. There is no better sales associate than a client that believed in you to get a job done, and you get the job done with excellent service. I believe there is an invaluable quality to excellent service. That should be coupled with achieving the results your clients need. The intrinsic value is that your Brand value goes up every time, you can’t replace that, you can supplement it and enhance it, but cannot replace it. Good luck out there!!

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The Nahrep Bronx Chapter

On May 3rd, The Nahrep Bronx Chapter held it’s second event to help solidify the current members and to help familiarize us with each other. It was well attended, 150 real estate professionals assembled to listen to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Bronx Native Co founder Amaury Grullon, speak on their respective topics of home ownership, pooling resources and Social media branding. We are grateful for all those that attended and the continued support from our Partners.

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HGRN is looking to spread the Word

At the core belief of HGRN’s mission statement – “Access for all”, we have aligned ourselves with Nahrep ( National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals)  to further leverage our platform. We believe that the key ingredient  that most potential homebuyers is simply, Access.  Access to the information they need, Access to the professionals that can help them, Access to the people that can help them start moving towards their goal.

The first step is always the scariest, and that is why HGRN has made it a point, to help further educate the real estate professionals in our communities, with the financial products that investors are making available, to make homeownership possible for all.

Please take a look at our link for the event that we held on May 3rd, where the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. spoke concerning, “pooling our resources” and the benefits of homeownership.  Additionally we had social media guru, Amaury Grullon, Co-founder of the “Bronx Native” Brand and how he was able to use social media to take his business to the next level.

Information is powerful, HGRN is looking to spread the Word.

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“Who we are?”

Hudson Group Realty Network Inc – “Who we are?”

HGRN is a “non-depository” direct lending institution – What that means to the client? You do not have to move your bank accounts to us to qualify for a loan. This is a standard practice among the larger depository banks.

We are a bank that was created to serve, the underserved “Small balance” commercial market.  (The loans that range from 200k to 5 million)
We understand that you are not just a “fico” and that “life” happens.  That you may have had a few imperfections in the past, that those imperfections, do not define you.

Looking at the whole story, compared to just a 60 day window as most conventional lenders do.

 HGRN has now developed a division for the new investor that is looking to buy investment properties, but may not have the financials to back them for conventional banks.

The use of the rents compared to the expenses is our determining evaluator, but we can write the loan even if the rents do not cover the mortgage payment.

HGRN now has a “jumbo” loan program for the clients that have a high net worth but do not show the income on their tax returns, the loan amounts go up to 15 million on a 1-4 family home.

HGRN has developed a fix and flip program, where first time investors can get access to “bridge” financing, so they can buy a property, rehab it and then sell it. In essence a “flip”

We have developed these products with the end user in mind, and most importantly we believe that everyone should have access to these programs so that they can achieve their financial dreams.

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