Closings in 30 days or less- Hartsdale, NY

In September (2020), a fellow gym member contacted me through social media with a simple question: “Omar, can you help my wife and I buy a house?”  I promptly responded with, “Absolutely!  This is what I do!”

I immediately scheduled a conference call with the couple, in order to assess the type of property they were looking for, their preferred neighborhood(s), their non-negotiables and of course price range.  We were able to quickly narrow the search.

I then assigned my top showing agent to schedule viewing appointments.  I worked closely with their mortgage broker to expedite the appraisal.   The day they found the house they wanted to purchase, they called me to ask, “We want to make an offer.   What do we do?”  My suggestion was simple.  I told them that if they really wanted that particular house, then offer full asking price, with a 30 day closing.  Their offer was accepted!  

My clients (the couple) were extremely well prepared.  Their paperwork was all in order and the house was vacant, so I knew that occupancy (once they closed) would not be an issue. 

They made their offer in the beginning of November.   We went to contract on November 13th.  We closed December 14th.   There were no hooks on the deal and the transaction was smooth.   I wish they were all like this!

I wish my clients the best of luck on this part of their life.  I strive to exceed their expectations and hope their experience with HGRN was memorable.