I am writing to bring your attention to another service the HGRN Commercial Lending platform has added. The “Click And Close Program” is a service we provide at no additional cost, its sole function is to further serve our clients. This program is not required to transact with HGRN but was an option reserved for only our Private Clients in the past.

The “Click And Close Program” allows us to close anywhere within the 5 Boroughs of NYC, Westchester, Long Island and Northern NJ. For example: client’s home, their office, your office, the gym, the beach club etc. Saving our client’s Time and Money!

Click And Close Program Overview:

  1. HGRN to order the Title Searches through our designated Third-Party vendor. This allows us to manage all facets of the loan process, so we stay on track and our client’s loan closed quickly. My team closes on Average in 28 days or less.
  2. Our client will receive closing documents and settlement statement, 48 hours in advance of the scheduled signing date for their review.
  3. An Attorney or closer from the title company will come to the location and at the time of our client’s choosing.
  4. With the client having the opportunity to review docs 48 hours in advance of the closing, the actual execution of our documents on the signing day, should take no longer than 20-30 minutes of their time. HGRN Click And Close. The closing is a formality.
  5. HGRN will give a credit of $1,000.00 towards your closing costs. (*On certain products)
  6. How can we do this for you? Standard Bank work I.E. CEMAS, Payoffs, Title review etc. are performed “in-house”, here at HGRN. This allows us to eliminate the need for an approved lender attorney to be hired and perform the actual closing. By taking this work in house, this ultimately saves your customer $1,000’s, when compared to what our competitor banks charge for their lender attorney’s fees. Our in house legal staff is fully bilingual. (Se habla español)

Background: Work with Luis Omar Figueroa, an 11+ seasoned professional with 10+ years of Commercial Origination experience .
My team specializes in Multifamily Refinance and Purchase Money Mortgages for (5+ units) properties within the 5 Boroughs of NYC with loan amounts for individual assets in the range of 250m to 50m+. We are closing deals on average in 28 days or less, offer extremely competitive interest rates and deliver with the certainty of execution!

We welcome the opportunity to prove how easy it is to work with my team here at HGRN and most importantly, make you happy with our smooth and streamlined process!

Contact me directly today for new loan scenarios or questions regarding our various product offerings.

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