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The question I am most asked is, “What do you do?” – My answer is always, “I close real estate transactions.” I originally started in residential lending in 2006, but I found that small balance commercial lending was a niche that I was very comfortable in. When the subprime was at it’s peak, I found working more with people that did not “fit” the “traditional” lending model. So currently my company serves two functions, it’s main function is small balance commercial lending. These are loans for “investment only” One to four family properties – the three things I take into account are the following:

  • Credit –  Your FICO score
  • Collateral – The appraised value of the property
  • Capability – The down payment ( minimum is 20% ) and the rental income that the property receives every month from the rents it collects.

These are the three main factors I use to “underwrite” or “Vet” your loan transaction. The other property types I lend on are, Mixed use Ex. Store on the first floor with apartments on top. Apartment buildings – which are buildings with more than 5 apt units Warehouse/Industrial – Think garage or office buildings.

The second function is “full service Concierge” real estate brokerage- This is “high touch” approach to the function of a realtor. I expect our realtors to provide the best possible service to our clients.

The “Human Factor” is what separates our company from others. We use state of the art technology, but I believe that the people make the experience. The realtor involvement must be immersive, in what may be our clients largest financial decision of their lives.

The motto is simple, “ to give value” to teach our clients, so that they become more “Aware” within the transaction.

Our mission statement –“You can work with us to get your deal done.”

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