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The rate of speed that has to be generated mentally, to process information from a multitude of sources every day is something that I am truly blessed to be able to do.

But to run your mind at that speed at all times, will definitely cause, ”friction” within you and your relationships.  Business, personal, emotional and spiritual.

In 2017 my mother suffered a “life changing event” – she was afflicted with some severe health issues, I became the  Paternal head of household,  for someone who was is my parent.  I became a proxy, I became responsible for someone’s life.

The next few years of my life were very, “cloudy”  They were filled with guilt, fear, worry and anxiety.   My wife was a key instrument in helping me get thru this and I wanted to mention this in my blog post.

The video attached to this blog post represents something that helped teach me the skill of “unplugging”.  I had met a Brooklyn Nets Sales manager thru the social media website, “LinkedIn” in 2016. He offered to host  my family to a game of my choosing if I would hear his pitch.
The game we attended was Kobe Bryant’s farewell game against the Brooklyn Nets.  We had fantastic seats and the family had a great time. Later that month I committed to a 6 game package.

Then in March 2017 she had that life event,   the tickets I agreed to purchase were later in the year, starting in September of 2016. When the time approached, I asked my wife if she thought I should back out of it. She told me, “no you should go”   She said, it will help take things of your mind and let you disconnect” even if it’s for a few hours.   This was some of the best advice I have ever gotten. The same way, my mind works quickly and processes information faster than most people, it also has the ability to worry more than most people. It was doing damage to me and I didn’t even realize it.

Sometimes, you have to relax your mind, even if it’s by distraction. You will feel better when you come back to the situation. Whatever it is.

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