When you stop and think of the mortgage lending business, you have to realize that clients look to you as a professional to guide them through a large financial transaction (sometimes the biggest transaction of their lives).   If you take a minute to understand the “gravity” of that responsibility, it should motivate you to want to be the best version of your professional selves.

The numbers are impressive when you look at fees on a real estate transaction.  However, that should not be the sole barometer you measure your success with. If this is truly your passion and purpose, then helping the client achieve their goals is the true “Win”.  The money should be a by-product of your ability to provide a service.  We as real estate professionals should treat our profession with the attention and respect it deserves.  You should be aware of the ever changing guidelines of the mortgage lending industry and real estate regulations.  Every client is unique, with their own set of challenges or individual goals they wish to achieve with their transaction.

As a mortgage lender (or loan officer), at the very minimum, you should know your guidelines and those of all your competitors. You should be able to give clients multiple scenarios instead of just yours.  In some cases, I have referred clients to other mortgage professionals that I personally know who may have a product that I’m not able to offer.  This will separate you from the other guys in the same profession.

In this business, it’s imperative that you consume and process information constantly; the mortgage regulations are frequently fluctuating. You will always feel confident, if you’re prepared.  Your clients engage you because they believe in you. Therefore, your fiduciary responsibility is to get them the best financial product that they qualify for.  When you know better, you do better!

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