Just closed one that really hit the heart, client came to me with a multitude of challenges. One being here on a EAD card. Which means he is here legally but has no promise of permanent citizenship.

Client also did not show enough on his taxes, since he was self-employed and was writing off his expenses.  During the pandemic he was using money he had saved to keep the business open and pay his employees.

He was referred to me by his attorney that was confident that we would be able to help him.

He was correct!!!  We were able to put him under the foreign National program.  No ratio loan- ( client put a significant down payment down 40%)

This meant we did not have to provide tax returns, just two months bank statements.  To source the funds. He did not have US credit, so we use 680 as the baseline. We were able to close the loan in 45 days.  The client is happy and now he also got good news that he will be granted citizenship shortly.

Win Win all around..

Always Believe!!!

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