A question that is always asked of me from clients, “When is a good time to buy?” – My answer when speaking about purchasing your primary residence. ( where you’re going to live with your family)  is always the same.

“Today” , when buying a primary residence, in an up market, in a down market, in a recession, in a boom or a flat market. It doesn’t matter, the goal is the same, that is  to own an home. A piece of property that you can call “home” that you can enjoy tax shielding benefits on your income taxes,  securing an asset that will appreciate Guaranteed!! ( over time)   You purchase a home so you can secure an asset, for yourself and leave a legacy to your children and their children.   So if rates are high, Buy- because that means, that prices had to adjust since mortgage rates are higher and that affects the majority of America’s buying power in essence things are cheaper. If rates are low, Buy because that means you can borrow money more cheaply so the monthly payments are more affordable.  Buy because you want to further control your destiny and that of your family.  The American dream is to own a home.  The right time, is Right now.

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