HGRN is a leader in non QM lending. What does this actually mean?  This means that we are a leader in alternative financing with multiple loan programs:

  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan (DSCR Loan):  If you own a cash heavy business and you write off a majority of your income (of which you’re entitled to do), we can write a loan based strictly on the amount of your down payment, credit report and income based from the property.  The rents that you receive from your property can pay the mortgage.
  • Bank statement loan: If you have a large amount of monthly deposits, I can take 50% of those deposits and use them as income.
  • No ratio loan: If you have a substantial amount of money in the bank, inheritance, lotto winnings, lawsuit, sale of a business, we can use those funds as the down payment.  In order to qualify, you would need a credit report, an appraisal of subject property and we can write a loan based on these three factors.

These are just three examples of loans that we can offer you.  Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

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