I’d like to share with you a great example of how Social Media can work as a supplement, to a business model based upon great customer service. 

In 2010 (early in my career), I helped a client with a refinance of a property in Long Island.  I met her while cold calling people who applied for financing.

During this transaction, we came across numerous hurdles. Long story short, we were able to navigate any obstacles, I was able to close the loan and the client was obviously happy with outcome.  She happened to be a realtor. Therefore, I remember telling her to stay in contact with me via this new platform [new at the time], called “Linkedin.”  I told her this was going to be the  new way for people to stay in touch. The client eventually moved to another State, but we intermittently kept communication.

Earlier this year (2020), she reached out to me for my services. Another somewhat complex loan scenario, in which we had to go with a “No Doc” type of loan for her, that can be used when challenges in verifying income arise.  Again, everything worked out.  

I remember on the day of the second closing, I met my client for the first time in person, 10 years after our VERY first transaction.  During the closing, I expressed my Gratitude, for choosing to work with me again after all these years.  She replied with:  “I have been watching your videos on LinkedIn, like you suggested all those years ago.”  I remembered that you were able to get my last deal done, and had confidence in working with you again. Every-time you posted something new, I would review it to see if we could use it on any of my transactions here in Florida.  There was a particular post regarding “No Doc” loans and I knew that this was what I needed, so I called you.”

So there you have it; give great service and make sure your clients stay connected with you on social media!   The clients always remember when you execute,  social media will help remind them how to contact you quickly.

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