About a month ago, I had been working on securing a loan for a client, who was also a close friend.  My client, and his wife, were nervous during the process, particularly at the date of closing.

The closing was held in CT at my Clients’ attorney’s office.  When we arrived at the law firm, I was introduced to the realtor and attorney that were working on this deal.  Both were very courteous and professional.  But the realtor mentioned something that really stuck with me…I spoke to the clients in the beginning of the search, about seeing another mortgage broker, but they said,  ‘no need’ .”  Initially, I paused… then I smiled and said “thank you.”  [at that moment] I wasn’t sure how to interpret that statement.  Afterward, I realized that was a professional compliment.

The moral of this brief story is that I am able to make a living doing something I really enjoy. The income that is generated from my business is a by-product of my passion. My passion is to help people, close their transactions.  And for this, I am extremely grateful.

I take pride in every role I play:  Real Estate broker, Commercial Lender, Loan Officer, or just a friend that gives someone advice on a transaction in which I have no professional involvement whatsoever.

The essence of the business, is closing the deal I help clients purchase their first homes, second homes, or investment properties.  I make sure to get them access to the best financial products, making it as stress-free for the client, as possible.

The transaction is a by-product of the relationship you develop with your clients. Your clients become faithful to you based on the service you provide.  This transaction (in most cases) is the largest financial transaction of your clients life. Therefore, they want a qualified professional in their corner, someone who has their back and knows all the rules.  The secret is to put their goals first!

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