Hudson Group Realty Network Inc – “Who we are?”

HGRN is a “non-depository” direct lending institution – What that means to the client? You do not have to move your bank accounts to us to qualify for a loan. This is a standard practice among the larger depository banks.

We are a bank that was created to serve, the underserved “Small balance” commercial market.  (The loans that range from 200k to 5 million)
We understand that you are not just a “fico” and that “life” happens.  That you may have had a few imperfections in the past, that those imperfections, do not define you.

Looking at the whole story, compared to just a 60 day window as most conventional lenders do.

 HGRN has now developed a division for the new investor that is looking to buy investment properties, but may not have the financials to back them for conventional banks.

The use of the rents compared to the expenses is our determining evaluator, but we can write the loan even if the rents do not cover the mortgage payment.

HGRN now has a “jumbo” loan program for the clients that have a high net worth but do not show the income on their tax returns, the loan amounts go up to 15 million on a 1-4 family home.

HGRN has developed a fix and flip program, where first time investors can get access to “bridge” financing, so they can buy a property, rehab it and then sell it. In essence a “flip”

We have developed these products with the end user in mind, and most importantly we believe that everyone should have access to these programs so that they can achieve their financial dreams.

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